The Grade 9s headed for their annual trip to Nagano Seisen on the rather chilly day of September 16, which allowed for a relaxing break, one where they could bond with their school peers and experience Japanese cultures from a new perspective. When they arrived at Nagano Station, the students were quickly sent off to each of their host families who waited for them at the exit gate. After greeting their new families, the students were taken to many different cultural activities with their hosts for the remainder of the day. With some students going to grab a late lunch of Japanese traditional food— ‘Soba’ places as Nagano is famous for soba noodles, as well as some going to nearby stores around Nagano stations for some souvenirs to take home to Tokyo. In the two-day trip, Zarah M (9) said her favorite activity during the trip was “going to sightseeing at Zenkouji, a shrine nearby Nagano Seisen as I got to try many regional food and treats of Nagano, a very new experience for me as I have never travelled outside of Tokyo since I came to Japan.”

(to be continued↓)